Thursday, 20 November 2008

Pastor Nathaniel Varaprasad introduced:

Gideon Evangelical Ministries:

Pastor Nathaniel Varaprasad is a quiet hardworking man whose life is given over to the service of God and the people to whom he is called by God to serve. Nathaniel and his wife Beulah serve remote communities near the town of Visakapanam in India's Andhra Pradesh region on the country's eastern seaboard. Their call is to minister to their community no matter who the recipients are, whether prisoners or those with leprosy, of the parts of the community rejected by the rest of society, but who need to know the great love of God through Christ Jesus, and who need to be aware that He cares for them.
Below Pastor Nathaniel surveys a consignment of food and supplies provided for the needy.

Gifts and support is provided for those with horrific sores due to leprosy. Much support is need to provide help for these people, showing God's love and proclaiming the Good News!

There are many lepers still in India, this is a treatable disease and those who suffer from it can gain a lot of help from simple and basic supports.

There are also many children with leprosy or whose parents suffer from the disease who are in great need, if you would like to sponsor a child affected by leprosy please donate below.

Mission International would like to develop a number of self help income generating projects to support those affected by leprosy, if you can help please donate below.

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